Designed for morning playtime and night bedtime stories, this frock is as versatile as your child’s imagination. The playful asymmetry of the hemline allows for unrestricted movement, making it perfect for lively playdates and spontaneous adventures throughout the day.
Crafted with soft, breathable fabric, this frock ensures your child stays comfortable from the first light of morning till the gentle embrace of night. Whether they’re exploring the world or winding down for bedtime, our Asymmetric Frock provides the ideal combination of style and coziness.
Let your little one twirl, dance, and dream in this enchanting frock that effortlessly transitions from playtime fun to bedtime cuddles. Embrace the magic of childhood with a garment designed to match their boundless energy and creativity.
Discover the joy of dressing your child in our Asymmetric Frock, where asymmetry meets playfulness, and where every moment becomes an opportunity for adventure




M, S, XL


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